Zybro Advantages

Access anywhere

The software can be accessed from any networked terminal in the campus.

Invokes more attention and interest

Since the system uses a lot attractive graphical interface and interactive contents (audio/video), the student’s attention and interest is heightened and it most definitely replaces the usual mood of boredom in conventional classroom represented by monotonous repetitive class with the black board as the only medium.

Privacy for individual students

The headset/microphone provides students with a sense of privacy that reduces the inhibitions felt in normal classroom situations and encourages the shy student to speak .The instructor can speak to a single or group of students in privacy without disturbing the rest of the class. The students may work through the lesson material at a pace suited to their ability.

Individual and equal attention to all

Irrespective of the seating positions of students, they receive equal attention from the teacher during the entire course of the session. Each student can hear the instructor and to be heard by the instructor as good as any other student in the class.

Save space, cost on additional hardware

The additional cost which is inevitable for setting up a conventional analogue Language Lab can be easily cut down by your simple decision on choosing a digital one. ZYBRO Virtual communicative Lab is simple PC-based software and the existing computer labs can be used to serve as language labs.

Saves time, improves efficiency

The teacher can monitor individual students (and talk to them) much more efficiently than in a regular classroom setup. Unlike in a conventional classroom, when the teacher interacts with an individual student, others need not be interrupted in their activities. Hence each receives more individual attention from the teacher than in a typical classroom setup thus improving the effective teacher: student ratio. The PC based software obviously works much faster than the conventional system yielding more efficient use of learning time.

Advanced features

In addition to monitoring individuals’ progress through assigned lessons and initiate the teacher can easily group students together to promote conversation and interaction. Group discussions can be recorded and played back by students via their interface.

Perfect sound quality

The use of advanced technology ensures that ZYBRO Virtual communicative Lab has high quality sound capturing & reproduction, relatively high SNR (Sound Noise Raito) and reduces distortion, delay, noise and interference. Sound can be stored & copied without a loss in quality.

User friendly & reliable

ZYBRO Virtual communicative Lab is versatile and do-it-yourself software with easy installation steps and graphical user interface. The system deploys advanced digital & network technology, latest graphical design tools and adopts international standards. Hence it holds excellent advantage, stability and efficiency over conventional analogue labs and avoids the audio-serial disturb problems and the frequent mechanical Failure.

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