Basic Objectives

Communicative Language Lab Communicative Language Lab may be defined as a network of computers, with appropriate application software, which not only provides all the functions of a conventional (analogue) language lab, but also advanced ones like integration of video, word-processing and other computer applications. A typical class in a school located in the suburbs will have students and teachers of different social backgrounds, culture and ethnic origin. As a result, though they may speak a common language (other than their respective mother tongues), the accent, pace, rhythm, pronunciation will be different for each.

Zybro Virtual communication lab software has been conceived & designed with the objective of enabling the users to shed the regional accents and embracing a neutral/natural/ accent (similar to that of a native speaker) with the help of contents well structured & developed by veterans from the field of IT, academics and literature. With its attractive graphical user interface, design, features & functions it leads the student through a wonderful world of language made possible with the use of interactive audios, situational videos, ppt/flash files which makes a profound & positive impact on all the participants, both teachers & learners alike, enhancing their interest, capturing their focus & attention and sharpening their intellect & creativity. In the course of time, while practicing the software, the students will gradually naturally lose their own regional accent and adopt that of the native speaker. It hence not only improves the listening and speaking skills of the students but motivates them to excel and improvise themselves.
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