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The Anti Caste Discrimination Complaint Registration System, one among the complaint recording software which enables to receive complaints and take strict actions on the complaints filed by students, teachers, parents, non-teaching staffs belonging to lower communities. From other conventional complaint viewer system this software provides the best results by solving the grievances regarding caste-based discrimination. The portal clarifies numerous unpleasant events, subaltern discriminations and caste atrocities faced by an individual in a campus. According to University Grants Commission circular, all the universities and institution under the standards of UGC it is advised to register complaints in a grievance portal and dealt with sensitively. Effective and timely redressal performs to be a mechanism which is a mandate in all education sectors for ensuring equality in basic rights of a human. Emotional tortures, mental distresses and isolation in a group, subjects to adverse conditions of the child. The Anti Caste Discrimination Complaint Registration System couples with the complaint registers and action takers and retains quick effective measures to all the problems. The user-friendly platform is an absolute destination for easy solutions. Unlike the older grievance solutions methods, the Online Complaint Register undoubtedly achieves best possible solution and gets positive comebacks for its accomplishment.

Zybro: Anti- Caste Discrimination Complaint Registration System

Zybro Anti Caste Discrimination Complaint Registration System is enabled in such a way to comprehensively seek solutions for all the challenging circumstances faced by the lower class. The portal aids you to approach the affairs on casteism and racism and confirms that the students refrain from all the deadly activities, usually happens in a educational compound. All educational sectors are supposed to maintain an affable, secure atmosphere between the colleagues. The applicants can directly report their issues in this single window web portal and assures that the complaint has reached to the concerned authority with a speedy outcome. In fact the interface has been made applicable to all educational institutions, comes under the regulations of UGC. As a leading portal service it delivers the best solutions and client satisfaction.

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Zybro Anti Caste Discrimination Complaint Registration System is capable of managing grievances regarding prejudice and discriminations on the grounds of caste. Single window redressal portal is effective and time consuming. The web portal assures the complaints are attended properly within the desired time and impressive actions are taken. The Online complaint registration system portal has become a mandatory criterion in all higher educational sectors according to Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Government of India. The very benefit of this system is that it ensures the complaints are directly reached to supreme people of an institution and dealt with the affair gravely.

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