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Why Digital Language Lab ???

Digital Language Lab is nothing but a normal computer lab with the language learning software. The main aim of a digital language lab is to provide the right kind of aid, facilities, support and instructions to the language learners. It is being known under different names such as multi media language lab, language media center etc.

The principle of a digital language lab has not changed from the traditional analog language lab. Text, Images, Audio and Video can easily be integrated, the teachers can edit/update/delete materials to fit their requirement. It promotes the self-access for independent learning which includes access to resources outside class.

The overall communication skills of the students will be certainly improved and enhanced to great extend. Apart from that it makes the task of the teachers more easy .With a language lab one can easily comprehend the correct way of using the accents and dialects . Here there is a self improved pronunciation and it promotes one to assess themselves by comparing their voice. Thus, it can be said that an efficient language lab can enhance the proficiency of English language to great extend and thereby make the students competent to meet the global standards.

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