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English is considered to be a global language and henceforth learning and comprehending it, has been acknowledged world wide today. English has become the tool for learning, business and most importantly communication. Inorder to improve the whole experience of English language acquisition we have to integrate ICT (Information and Communication Technology) with current lerning methodology. ICT has been discovered to be a very powerful tool for educational change and reform.

With the help of ICT enabled English Language classes, the faculties would find it more easy to conduct classes. It has been proved to be an excellent method of enhancing the teaching and learning process. This is the technology era, and these days even a toddler is familiar with the use of computers and laptops. This is major reason as to why technology has come up with the idea of ICT enabled learning methodology, which could help the children of today's generation in a better way and enhance their skills. It has been explained that ICT enabled language learning can help one to ameliorate the efficieny and effectiveness of their learning process. It is a very flexible, interactive and rich platform that would provide the users a whole new different experience.

We are in the Digital era today, and this is the age of technological learners. These technological learners know well how to use technological tools without any formal instruction as such. Even if they require instruction, they would be able to grasp and implement it very quickly. These learners interact and communicate with others mostly with the help of electronic mediums like mails, internet etc. They obtain most of the information from electronic devices, which has made such tools, a very essential component of their daily life.

Using ICT in a classroom as a tool for language learning has a lot more benefit. It gives stimulus to undertake the tasks that the students may otherwise avoid. In an ICT enabled language learning class, the students would conduct the activities on the computer software platform and they will not have any sorts of hesitations or inhibitions. It would make repetitive tasks more interesting and would have content which could be in multi media formats. The use of multi media while learning English could help in creating a long lasting impact on the learners. The role of Teacher will change from an Instructor's role to that of a Coordinator. Self paced independent learning methodology is what is being propogated with the help ICT enabled English Language Teaching.

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