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Redefining the Innovating Learning Techniques

Today in the competitive market, everything runs on perfectionism and efficiency along with accessibility and adaptability. The skill for handling English language is very much demanding in the corporate world and so need for installing the software in the institution has become so more relevant.

In a general classroom, privacy is the least expected thing and if such a feature is provided by a software then it will be a great help for students. There are many students who have these inhibitions to present themselves before a group. For such students this software helps them to build self confidence, by directly contributing to their language skills. The software gives the opportunity to learn the language in privacy with supporting features including speak, read, repeat etc. They can utilize the best features of the software without the fear of others and at the same time take the help of the teacher if needed. Another added advantage of the software is that, it gives enough space for the students to improve their concentration level to a greater extend. The students get to follow the lessons individually without the participation of others and so can improve the thinking ability to a greater extend. The materials will be provided online and can completely focus on the learning contents. They can be creative in evaluating the contents provided and create their own supportive techniques which contribute their understanding.

It is a known fact that the grasping ability of students varies from one student to the other. This in turn makes it a challenge for the teachers to handle the students with the same intensity. This software helps the teacher to interact with the students individually, by classifying the standard of teaching depending on the student's ability of learning. It obviously improves the productivity of the students, making sound improvement in the academics. In English Language Labs the students get to work with the pace set by themselves without over stressing or suppressing their skill sets. On the other side the classroom is also available in the interactive mode which in turn help the students to share their ideas and views, getting the live feedback from the students.

In short language learning software is definitely an added advantage for both the students as well as the instructors. It gives a fresh technique for learning the language at one's own level of understanding by enhancing all the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

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