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Being proficient in English Language has always been a major factor in deciding one's capability be it any field or area of domains they work or serve in. There are many keys in improving your English. This article will enlist a few keys that will enable one to excel in the language. One of the major or rather important thing is to Speak out English. The more you speak the more confident you become is the very basic principle behind it. The more you practice your pronunciation and vocabulary will also improve.

Listening has a very important role to play in course of learning English language. By listening to English one can learn new words and also identify the various kinds of expressions used. With the help of listening exercises one will be able to grasp the situational dialogues used in general. Reading English also definitely plays an important role. Be it any thing that you read, say its a newspaper or a magazine or anything, just as the saying goes every drop adds to the ocean, it all acts as the stepping stones towards your ultimate goal which is to become proficient in English Language. A good dictionary in English always takes the role of a bible, it can guide one to excel in the language. Use every new word in your daily life and eventually you will see that you use it naturally. All these can help one to improve the English language. The only thing one has to keep in mind is that the more you practice the more you learn.

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