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Is English Language Learning difficult to learn?

The truth is this, when most people say that something is `hard' or 'difficult' what they really mean is that it's going to take time, effort and it's not going to come easy. Language is complex system made up of many parts and small details, however, all of these can be learnt easily when the necessary time is dedicated, and an effective approach is adopted.

It is important to realize that most of the challenges we face when learn a language don't exist as part of the language, they exist as part of ourselves. The main problem arises when one feels that he/she will be teased for the way they pronounce the words. The hesitations should be first erased right away.

The main problem lies in the fact that most of us get conscious while speaking English. In a non-native speaking country the faculties who train the students are generally not native speakers and they might generally have a strong influence of their mother tongue. This is where language lab plays its vital role , it provides as an aid to the teachers as well as the students. This helps the students in speaking the language with high confidence and using the correct words with the right kind of intonations, stress , voice modulations and pronunciations.

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