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Zybro Signs Language Lab Deal with Dayananda Science College- Latur, Maharashtra

Zybro is happy to announce that our team has secured language lab order from Dayananda Science College, Latur.
The Ultimate version of Zybro language lab with one teacher and twenty-five student consoles was opted by the college authorities for installation.
The use of Zybro's Digital Language Lab provides the ideal medium to master the art of communication and presents both the teacher and learner an enjoyable experience of learning in a most natural and simplified way but at the same time yielding unforgettable and meaningful results. This ultimate language learning solution is versatile and do-it-yourself software with easy installation steps and graphical user interface, and at the same time provides powerful functions for interactive learning and colourful contents.
Dayanand Science College, Latur (MS), is unique, first oldest and the finest single faculty college of the region, pursuing excellence in education in several branches of Science. Keeping in view the educational needs of the region, Dayanand Education Society, a local management committee, established Dayanand College of Arts, Science and Commerce in the year 1961. In those years, this was the only college established in this area and was catering the needs of the students. In the year 1967, the multi faculty college was bifurcated giving independent status to Dayanand Science College.

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