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Zybro Language Lab at Bayan College, Muscat

Zybro digital language lab, one of the premium language learning solutions in education technology has been implemented at Bayan College, Muscat.

Zybro digital language lab is an optimal solution that helps the teacher to monitor the activities of the students thereby ensuring students’ active participation in learning activities. The teacher can create lesson materials and assign lesson for students selecting individual students, groups or batches. Lessons can be selected from the pre-designed materials also to avoid wasting time and a last minute rush. The instructor console has the option to provide timely guidance to the students. There are options for listening to the students’ recorded lessons and their voice separately and to stop the actions of a selected learner for giving instructions.

Learners get the facility to listen to the audios files, to practice lessons repeatedly, to record their voice and compare this with the original version for self-assessment. The digital language lab installed at Bayan College is highly sophisticated to enhance the language proficiency of the literature and media students of the college giving a great exposure to the career.

Bayan College is the first college in Oman to offer degrees in media studies. Bayan College's programmes include diplomas and Bachelor degrees in Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations and English Literature. The college operates under the Ministry of Higher Education is affiliated with Purdue University - Calumet, Indiana, USA. Bayan College's affiliation with such a prestigious American university enables its students to earn their diplomas and Bachelor's degrees in line with international standards of the Purdue University system following American educational practices. The multi-culture faculty, American university affiliation and advanced academic programmes provide students excellent learning atmosphere and facilitate them to earn skills necessary for their professional life.

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