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Role of Films in Language Teaching

Since film is an excellent tool for language learning, for decades it has been used by many language teachers in language sessions. Educators state so many reasons for including videos and films in language learning classes. With the advent of digital language learning software, considerable number of teachers experiment different types of teaching materials including animation movies, cartoons, games etc. For people living in a non-English speaking environment, TV shows and films are better options that provide learners real-life language input.

While considering second language acquisition, motivation is an important factor. Movies and television programmes play integral parts in bringing sensorial experience to students in the classroom. As a motivator, movies and shows can make language learning more entertaining and enjoyable. Teachers of this digital era use digital language laboratory to exhibit videos and films to students in classroom.

The visual impression films and moving pictures create in students’ mind is greater and it facilitates them to understand and interpret language easily. By listening to dialogues or language exchanges between the characters, learner can comprehend language with the help of facial expressions, gestures and visual support. Visual effects support better focus of attention and quick acquisition of language.

Films can also act as catalyst for various learning activities including discussions, role plays, debate on social issues and paraphrasing, which are possible through digital language lab system. By the use of quality film materials in classroom, teachers need not worry about creating their own materials every day. Unlike traditional classroom, students get more chances to learn language of real world contexts through their exposure to natural expressions and exceptional flow of speech.

Further, films are considered as an authentic source for learning varied language. Film provides learners with linguistic expressions and examples of English in real-life situations. With the dawn of the internet, teachers can search and download as many films or video resources for making foreign language acquisition easier and flexible.

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