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Relevance of DLL in Engineering Institutes

Learning a foreign language is very much similar to a first time attempt on musical instruments. Theory learning is certainly valued; but it can be comprehend only through good practice. Since English is a global language, most educational institutions pay much attention to include English language in their curriculum. However, teaching English is a challenging task for subject teachers as they are quite unaware of the fundamentals and essentialities of the language. Hence, teaching communicative English in engineering institutes is a sensitive task which needs to be handled with utmost care, as the English speaking proficiency of students greatly depends on the personal and professional life of these potential engineers.

With the substantial research done on the necessity of English learning in engineering institutes, authority of the colleges and universities decided to install digital language labs in these institutions. The main advantage of DLL in engineering universities is its extensive use of audio-visual aids to make the abstract concept in lectures clearer and easier for the students. Digital language lab plays a significant part in the private and professional life of an aspiring engineer as technologies which retain a cognitive style to language acquisition will allow students maximum facility to be shown in a meaningful context.

Researches claim that language proficiency of students will be greater when they learn it from the computerized, multimedia or digital language lab. Systematic comprehension of technical subjects and effective communication are the supreme benefits students get while using digital language labs in learning. By using DLL, students get maximum exposure to native speakers and they can improve their language proficiency a lot through the acquisition of right pronunciation of English words without any mother tongue influence. The verbal and presentation skills which are considered as the career boosters for the students’ professional accomplishments can also be developed through DLL.

Digital language lab allows two way interactions with language instructors and students. Besides, students can access learning materials including newspapers, magazines, movies, and pronunciation session and web articles. With competent and sincere English language teachers at professional educational institutions, more students-centred but less time consuming classes will be conducted in future.

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