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Reinforce Learning with Zybro Language Laboratory

New ways of learning in classroom demand innovative ways of supervising student activity. A lot of language learning solutions help teachers and learners work together in a creative learning atmosphere with a suite of learning tools like group discussion, role play, listening, speaking, reading, writing etc. The integrated learning tools facilitate students to reinforce what they have learned in the past and to explore new aspects of language thus becoming very much proficient in target language.

Using Zybro language lab, learner can respond at ease during the teaching-learning process. The communicative method enabled through language lab software combines extensive, high-quality content with flexible and interactive multimedia technology. This comprehensive language-learning device can act as a complete solution for self learning, as well as a teaching support to formal courses. Through a wide range of activities, a variety of skills are aimed to develop in a learner. Learners can expand their oral and written comprehension, as well as oral and written communication.

Teachers can use communication tools embedded in language lab to communicate with them in an engaging way and by creating more opportunities to interact in the target language. Thus, the learners can reinforce their language through various activities. They also get chances to revise pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure and conversations.

Above all, Zybro language learning laboratory gives learners access to resources for independent learning and self-evaluation. This unique learning-on-demand tool creates additional learning opportunities and reinforces classroom activity. Zybro makes it possible to conduct assessments and get results in individualized manner.

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