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Pronunciation Workshops in Zybro Digital Language Lab

Digital language laboratory plays a crucial role in developing pronunciation and language aspects of learners in a very easy and fast mode. Learning pronunciation has been one of the top concerns of most ESL learners and teachers always. But, it cannot be attained so easily with mere classroom coursework or text book practice. Intensive practice and sound drills along with articulation exercises are needed to achieve better fluency in English pronunciation.

In English, all the words are connected to each other. Hence, even though the native speaker speaks very slowly there will be a connection between the words and so you hear the sentence/phrase in a different way. For example, ‘a nice tea’ may sound like ‘an iced tea’. Similarly, there are contractions, short forms, linking and intrusive sounds and other variations in the pronunciation of English.

Zybro digital language lab provides the intensive pronunciation practice and principles that can actually help you improve the speaking and listening ability of non-native speakers. With the help of Zybro, the learner can distinguish all the differences and variations in pronunciation including the stress, accent, intonation, etc. The users of Zybro language laboratory certifies that that they have gone through a series of development levels in which the their listening, speaking, reading and writing along with grammatical structures, phonetic knowledge, and situational applications has improved very much.

On reaching language fluency, participants take part in specialised modular courses designed for specific professional and real-life applications. The courses offered in Zybro are based on real-life simulations with specific activities and workshops to enhance pronunciation and communicative skills to a high level. So, don’t be late to try Zybro!!!

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