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Learn Reading Skills with Language Laboratory

Reading skills is an important aspect in language learning process. Learning reading skill is very much essential, especially for acquiring a second language. As most of the teaching-learning material is in the written form, it is necessary to acquire this skill.

While learning reading skill, one needs to understand that reading is beyond mere recognition of words at a glance. The reader applies various strategies to infer the intended meaning of the writer. His prior knowledge on the given topic is used while reading to reconstruct the meaning of the text. Language laboratory can be used by instructors to support students’ reading skill. Zybro language lab is one of a kind in the industry which has reading tools and exercises to enhance this skill.

The language teacher, in order to develop reading skills of second language learners has to ensure that literate behaviour and reading style as practiced by native speakers are taught to the learners. Effective reading skills in second language can change the learners’ cognitive perception, cultural beliefs and value orientations. Language lab helps learners to practise reading skill effectively. It also helps learners to think in the target language to be able to effectively read this language.

Using language lab, the learners can be asked to work upon one skill with a partner and discuss their thinking with each other. The teacher may help the learners read better by making them read extensively through language lab. Above all, multiple exposures to a same words and sentences will enhance their learning.

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