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Digital Language Lab and learning modalities

Language Lab software with its interactive and dynamic nature has the potential to meet the needs of students by giving them opportunities to direct and promote learning, to track information and complete tasks, in the most suitable way that meet their own interests and needs. The integration of technology in English learning session represents a shift from conventional classroom to acknowledge the significance of the emerging advancements in learning style which is progressively becoming the fourth modality for students’ learning.

The key benefits of technology enhanced language learning software are mechanical orientation and the learners can easily use the tools without formal instruction. They enjoy using multimedia contents, audio/video recording, microphone/headset and obtaining information electronically. The integrated learning activities engage students to learn language via computer and spend much of their time practising lessons using computer. Students like to interact with digital tools and mostly they know how to work with new hardware and software. Use of language lab software provides motivational activities for students to undertake tasks in exciting ways. Besides, this ICT tool increases students’ opportunities for decision making and better interaction. The interactive learning process has the potential to cater for individual styles in language acquisition, to make learning more manageable, develop new skills, illustrates complex concepts and develop new skills.

Digital language lab provides easy and quick access to resources and enhances the call for students to build up critical thinking in addition to information processing skills. A well designed ICT tool like Zybro language lab can help learners grasp abstract linguistic concepts such as literary relations, imagery and morphology easily.

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