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Speaking in English is a nightmare for at least some of us. And this is just because of the fact that some of us keep thinking that they will never be able to do it, to overcome this big mental block named "FEAR TO SPEAK". In today's generation people try different ways to improve their speaking skills. They try to learn from every possible grammar book and material that they find and try repeating the words that they see for the first time. But is that all enough for one to speak without fear?

In most of the schools and educational institutions 80% of the focus is given to Reading and writing which are probably the first two skills that any non-native speaker could ace very quickly. But towards the later grades of the school comes the other two major villain Speaking and Listening Skills. Now, this is a point where most of us hesitate to speak out. The students in a non-native speaking country are generally taught by faculties who are non-native speakers and who have not still overcome the influence of their mother tongue. So the root itself is the cause of the failure. The students have to be trained by trainers who could speak good English , with the usage of right kind of intonations, expressions, stress and voice modulations.

With the advent of modern technologies, there are plenty of platforms that enable one to become more proficient in the language. A language lab is one such innovative software solution to this problem. Initially the language lab was in the analog model but with the advancements in technology it has been digitalized to become digital language lab , which is a revolutionary language learning solution.

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