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The most important skill that any school should inculcate among the students is to speak clearly with more confidence. Children who are trained accordingly from the elementary classes are obvious to perform well in the further later years of their academic life mainly because of the fact that they don't hesitate in speaking out loud in front of others and get their doubts clarified to their teachers. This is a phase that most of the non-native speaking children face today. They simply hesitate to come out of the cobwebs that surrounds them in terms of their confidence. Confidence and Clarity while speaking in English can be improved and enhanced with adequate training and focus. It is not a difficult task, remember as to how we all learned our mother tongue, now or another day with proper practice one can excel in the language effortlessly.

For speaking with confidence and clarity one need not be an expert in phonetics and grammar, all you need to know is to use the right word at the right situation with the right kind of accent, intonations, punctuations, expressions and voice modulations. Now, one need not get panicked on reading all these, because as the saying goes 'Practice makes Perfect' , a person can easily speak perfectly with no errors at ease. People who wish to modify their accents and pronunciations should listen and speak to native speakers more frequently. Watching good English movies is an easy first step on this note. With the help of advancements in technology, the language learning has been taken to a different level. There are various Computer Assisted Language Learning platforms of which some are purely software. With the help of such language learning software platforms the students can become more proficient in the language by speaking with clarity and confidence.

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