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Practice makes perfect is something that we hear all the time. Practicing is nothing but rehearsing or engaging in an activity over and over again. For one to be perfect in English language he/she should practice the language over and over again. By practicing it doesn't confine to a single activity like say for example; listening alone. Practicing English should be oriented towards all the activities such as listening,speaking,writing and reading as well.

English is much more than grammar and vocabulary . Yes definitely grammar and vocabulary proficiency does matter but when it comes to actual speaking of the language there are a lot of other factors that compliments one's proficiency in the language. And these are factors such as intonations, accent, stress, voice modulations etc. One of the major problem faced by most of the non-native speakers is that they have a tendency to speak English with a strong influence of a mother tongue.

When one speaks English with inappropriate accent instantaneously the person on the other end doesn't get little uneasy and will obviously doubt his/her ability. People should start speaking out without any hesitations because only then one can rectify his/her own mistakes .This is why it is said that practicing English is very much required for one to become perfect.

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