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Practicing English Perfectly has become a mundane task for many of us today. The major factor that stays as an obstacle to this is that many of us gets conscious about what we speak and the way we pronounce words in English. This is a similar situation that arises in front of any non-native English Speaker. People who are non-native speakers generally hesitate a lot while speaking English language. The major problem to this is the mental block that they have in their minds. So the first step for one to practice English Perfectly is to be ready to face the reality and speak confidently without any fear in front of others. Remember that practice makes perfect and unless you practice becoming proficient in the language will not be a cake-walk.

If you can't hear your pronunciation problems, then its going to be difficult to correct them. Hence, it is important for one to record their own speech and compare with the native speaker's speech. Remember realizing your mistakes by your self is always the best way to learn things. Another important thing is the way you learn things in English. There is no point in learning everything in English all at one single go. Things have to be slowed down, start with single sounds, and then to words and their meaning and then into expressions and sentences and finally glue all this together and start framing conversations.

The way you pronounce English has got a lot to do with the lip movement you make hence, try looking and analyzing the facial movements of the Native Speakers. All these will certainly pave towards an individual to become more proficient in the language and excel in overall communication skill.

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