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The Paramount Support of Language Lab in Empowering communication Skills

The integration of technology with learning English is actually a great step towards moulding a better study pattern which is different from the traditional teaching style. The language lab definitely has the stuff to engage the students with better learning resources, thereby providing complete support for exhibiting the best in all four skills of Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading.

The in- depth support of the language labs in the English language learning process can be exposed with its advanced feature of tracking one's own performance with audible feedback. This feature sharpens the input needed for listening along with imparting better confidence in speaking good English on a public platform. The Synchronization of the visual communication features on the lab is another advantage which prepares an environment for the students to communicate with a teacher individually. And once the student is set with the confidence of taking the role, he or she can be invited for the audience attention.

However, it can be stated that technology cannot replace the role of a human teacher, but can create an impulse with better rapport through blending entertaining elements with a fresh set of cognitive tasks.

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