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Learning English through focussing on listening and speaking skills

Learning English has become an integral part of any learning individual today. This is primarily because of the fact that English is being considered as a universally accepted language all over the world. Be it any field that the individual is pursuing his/her future, the importance of communicating effectively in English language has become an inevitable part. Generally, in most of schools , when an English Language Teaching class is being conducted, the theory part is been given more importance. Most of the time the faculty goes into a monotonous discussion. The listening and speaking skills of the students are given less importance.

Normally, while we learn our mother tongue we first listen, then we try repeating words and then these words eventually transforms into sentences and conversations. And this is why a three year old child who doesn't even know to read and write, can speak effectively in his/her mother tongue with minimal or almost no single grammatical errors at all. But is the way as to how a foreign language is taught to us? People fail to understand this very fact while learning English.

Equal importance should be given to Listening and Speaking Skills along with Reading and Writing Skill. In fact, a little more of focus should be given to listening and speaking. An optimal solution to this problem is to adopt an effective and efficient Digital Language Lab system. With the help of this software solution 80% of the focus could be given to Listening and Speaking Skills which will in turn enable the users to become more proficient in the language.

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