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Innovations in English Language Teaching

The 21st century marked significant improvements in the field of language teaching methods and practices. A lot of innovative and diverse technologies and methodologies have emerged for assisting the faculties for teaching English language. English is considered to be world's commonly learned second language. Although technology has improved extremely, there are still a digital divide in various countries and due to this reason the innovations often fail to reach the other side of the divide. Computer Assisted Language Learning is one such break through innovation in the domain of English Language Teaching. The use of Computers in language learning process enhanced the overall learning experience and also promoted one to learn and practice more by self through language learning games, activities or even repeat and compare exercises.

In most of the countries, the use of technology is not restricted to any particular age groups. Today even a child in his/her elementary class is given an exposure to the technologies during their upbringing that he/she would definitely possess some kind of digital skills. And that is why it is believed that the use of technology in language learning wouldn't be that difficult. An early start in language learning would have a positive impact on the overall attitude of the students. The most appropriate approach of teaching learners will depend on a number of factors: the age of the children, size of the classroom, the efficiency of the teachers, availability of resources and the infrastructural facilities available within the learning environment all adds to this factor. The oral competency of the teachers is definitely the factor that affects a student's basic language learning platform. This could vary from person to person. There are indeed wide source of materials available on the internet that could help the teachers to improve the oral competency, this could be in the form of e-books, reading course materials, practice exercises etc. These could be downloaded and the teachers can make use of it for improving their oral competency and thereby building the language skills among the students as well eventually.

There are a number of e-tools that are available for even the students to practice. One such innovative concept was the use of Digital Language Lab or Laboratory. Years back this was in the form of analog model and with the advancements in computer technology the whole concept have been digitalized. A digital language lab is a language learning software platform that would enable one to improve the overall communication skill of the students

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