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Communication skill is the process of sending signals or messages between a sender and a receiver through various methods. It is a mechanism we use to establish and modify relationships. But today communication has been taken to another level. Communication skill serves as a major skill that is required for any individual be it any sort of profession. Which is why over the past few years it has been considered as the need of the hour.

The intended tone of communication must be understood by the receiver correctly if not then arises the problem of miscommunication which can create adverse results. Thus, it is important to know what, where and how you have to speak the language. It would be good if one tries to speak more with native speakers to get an idea of the correct way of pronouncing words with the right kind of accent.

Developing one's communication skill is not a difficult task. Any person can acquire this skill with the right kind of training and practice. Adequate training must be conducted on dealing with expressions, voice modulations, accents and pronunciation. It is also important for one to know to deal with situational conversations. By practicing such materials it is been reported that one will be able improve their communication skill.

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