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English language is of great importance these days. Literacy or being literate till past couple of years just meant being able to read and write perfectly but today it has taken a different dimension. One must be able to effectively speak as well as listen to call him/herself as literate. The more one excels in speaking and listening activity the more he/she becomes confident in the language. And the more confidence one gains the more will be his/her self esteem as well. All these are related to being one's ability to speak and listen english language effectively.

Unless you listen lot of good English one will never be able to cope up with the language spoken by the native speakers. This can be done by watching good english movies and conversations. When one listens a lot and when he/she is exposed to listen to various situational dialogues, then that person will get more familiarized with the language and its usage. With the help of this one can be more proficient in the vocabulary as well.

Speaking in English is yet another important task or aspect when it comes to communication skill. When one engages in a speaking activity it is expected the reciever of the message should be able to clearly comprehend each and every thing told by the sender. The right kind of voice modulations,intonations and stress can be improved by speaking more.This can be improved by engaging more on the speaking activities. Here, what is important to understand that nobody is perfect, throw away your inhibitions and all sorts of embarassments and speak confidently. Never feel shy or never feel that people will tease you, remember that everyone learns from mistakes. As the saying goes,practice makes perfect , speak and listen more and be more confident of yourself when it comes to communication.

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