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Communicating in English With Speed and Perfection

A common mistake that happens while you learn to speak in English is that improper intonation or the speed at which you communicate. The speed in the language generally denotes your confidence and command over a language. Often the non-native speakers struggle a lot to say the right words at the right situation. At that is where we devote a lot of time to think each and every word and its corresponding meaning to the relevant scenario. Similarly, you tend to speak a lot faster than a normal pace when you are not confident about what you speak you just want to rush through the words and get the work done. This is what happens in most of the cases.

Generally people become nervous and tend to speed up and start running all our thoughts together. It is then we tend to mix up ideas and confuses the audience and at the end reach nowhere but stranded at the middle wherein you yourself have no clue as to what you spoke. To take care of the speed while speaking in English following points must be kept in mind. Firstly, never think too much about the accuracy of the words and sentence structure as they are going to block your thoughts and remember that native speakers can understand what you are telling even if there are minor vocabulary or grammatical errors. Try and repeat what a native speaker is telling at a normal speaking speed, now this by practice could be changed into speaking at a faster pace.

It is important for one to understand that it is OK to make grammatical errors and it should not affect the communication process at any cost. Along with speaking with the right speed it is important for one to keep a good eye contact so that you can emphasis on the points in a more effective manner. Animating your face will definitely add on to the power of the message. It is important to keep the listener engaged most of the time and hence adequate voice modulations must be also given equal importance.The gestures and postures shows as to how confident you are while speaking a language. A person maybe really good at grammar and probably he would have the issues related to the speed of his language. This is because grammar rules are something that anyone can by-heart but when it comes to actual speaking the language only a few make it through efficiently. All these reasons would help one to speak in English language with good speed and better perfection.

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