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Advantages of using Digital Language Lab in schools

The boom in the information technology has resulted in great advancements and improvements in almost all fields or domains. The language learning environment in schools have been taken to a different level since the modernization and enhancement in technology. Technology driven education is the new member in the educational world today. This includes the use of various technological aids in education field so as to enhance the overall learning environment . These aids have been of great help to the teachers as well as the students.

Today in a language learning class the students take a passive role, the listen to, and/ or watch multimedia materials which are spoken by native speakers in their actual accents and pronunciations. They are given features in which they can record themselves and listen to their recordings. They can even converse with a group without having any sorts of hesitations. The teachers in a non-native speaking country would find this of great help.

Ultimately we can say that a fully-digital language lab system gives schools the ability to easily and cost-effectively build a computer-assisted language learning environment that includes high quality audio, video and multimedia educational resources. With the help of Digital Language Lab, teachers and students will have the greatest advantage of using multimedia in a language learning environment. It intends in managing and delivering course content, activities, collaboration space and evaluation tools.

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