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Zybro- The New Age Language Classroom

Language Labs have been used in linguistic learning process for decades. Gone are the days of earlier models which usually work when a student with headphones connected to a tape recorder pressing stop and play.

Modern language lab is entirely different from the previous versions. At first sight, it looks like a standard computer lab, but here the learners are not sitting before the PCs. Instead they have screen, a headset, and keypad which help them to listen to the audios, watch videos, record and compare their talk with the original file, read texts and do the class works as per the instructions of the teacher.

Modern digital language labs like Zybro even have the digital graphing options that provide the graphical representation and accuracy level of the students’ speech recorded and variations in comparison with the native speaker’s talk. Students can easily evaluate their speech with the correct version through the graphical inflections and improve it through continuous speech practice sessions.

Teachers can use their system to monitor the activities of students and to correct them if necessary. Teacher can talk to a single student or a group/whole class thereby offering maximum privacy for the students. Flexible platform of Zybro helps the teacher to create students’ groups or to pair them and given them assignments considering the learning module. This super flexible digital language lab allows the teacher to pop in on the debate/discussion live to hear it, make corrections and to record their conversation to listen later. The software lets the teachers to upload any digital information from the internet onto the software to use in teaching activity.

Zybro digital language lab gives students more freedom and flexibility while offering ample time to practice the language rather than the conventional chalk and talk method. As the students get opportunity to work individually, they’re less afraid of making errors and willingly speak until they get better in communication.

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