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Zybro Language Lab: Create Intensive Learning Activities for Students

Emerging technologies make it practical to approach language learning in innovative ways that have been advocated by scientists, theorists, and educational psychologists for years. Advanced Information and Communication Technologies such as virtual reality, visualization, digitization, simulation, games, virtual worlds and intelligent one-on-one tutoring systems dramatically enhance teaching and learning of elusive concepts by translating abstractions into real-world contexts and providing customized instruction and individualized assessments.

Zybro language lab has been conspicuously developed with advanced features to make language learning easy and time-saving. To achieve the full potential of this technology and to ensure its effectiveness in all institutions of learning and training, valuable materials are to be added into the lab so that learners get involved in the language education process more successfully. Zybro language learning system is endowed with language learning materials created after intensive research by specialists. Instructors if unprepared can use these materials to teach students. Highly structured materials comprised in Zybro include sounds and alphabets of English, vocabulary, expressions, interactive and business learning contents.

Besides teaching, instructors can assign learning activities and exercises to assess the achievement of students after a few terms of learning. Students can also attend exercises and activities with the help of teachers to self-evaluate their performance. Using Zybro language lab, teachers can provide intensive practice sessions to students until they fluent in the target language through the preset the materials and lesson activities.

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