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Zybro: A Man and Machine Combination

Technological revolution has established language lab as an efficient and resourceful tool for imparting language trainings especially pronunciation. However, the concept that language lab is meant for language training and pronunciation is very narrow. According to academicians, language lab can be utilized as potent audio tool for conducting various trainings if used to its best effect.

Zybro language learning laboratory is the best man and machine combination which allows blended learning in a very fruitful manner. The world class technological equipments engineered into acoustics empower it to be the potent training house. Customized audio-visual training aids, video simulations, video conferencing etc are the major features of Zybro. This powerful infrastructure synergizes with innovative teaching methodologies of highly qualified trained instructors along with meticulously customized contents can dramatically change language education.

Zybro also has innovative pedagogical and technological tools in order to ensure that the learners get hand on training in effective communication. Zybro is a pioneer in imparting pedagogical tools like active learning, group dynamics and many more. To ensure absolute accomplishments in learning with flawless execution, we devise programmes keeping in view the macro and micro aspects. Also, Zybro can be used for conducting diverse activity based learning programmes for generating astounding results as it allows a range of dynamics for activity based trainings.

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