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What is a Digital Language Lab? How does it help Students?

Before delving into the technicalities of language labs let’s see what a lab means: Labs are the spaces where;  Experiments are taken place  New knowledge is evolved and enhanced  The theories are applied and practiced  Tools are practiced over and over till the experiment becomes completely successful. When one gets Digital Language Labs to the scene, it does not bring much difference except the fact that it has nothing to do with scientific facts and natural laws but more to do with human interactions and relationships which are the cornerstones of humanity. Just like ordinary labs have tools, chemicals, utensils that aid the experiments, language labs too have a number of tools that guide students to learn and practice language. With its specialized tools language labs enhances Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. Language Labs stresses more on language acquisition rather than language learning as the former is a more instinctive process. Humans are more likely to gather knowledge through more of a passive acquisition of knowledge than purposeful learning. The main reflection of this phenomenon can be observed in our fluency in speaking our mother tongue not having had to go through any exclusive training. Even though learning to speak and listen to a foreign language may seem rather easy than writing and reading they actually are procedures that seek language learner’s keen attention.

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