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Teaching Literature using Digital Language Lab

The main reason why digital language lab software incorporated with various literary forms is not just to learn the content but to acquire the four basic language skills- listening speaking reading and writing. Realising the importance of literature in teaching the essential skills of language, educators across the world recommend language study through different literary forms.

However, while using literature in the language sessions, skills should not be taught in isolation but in an integrated way. By using digital language lab, teachers can instruct basic language skills as an integrated part of verbal and written language through the production of words, phrases and sentences. Through the inclusion of literature in language classrooms, teacher can provide authentic and valuable materials to develop the cultural as well as personal aspects of students. The advantages of language learning can be achieved if teachers use relevant and interesting resources to learners through the use of activities that endorse involvement, reader response and a firm integration between language and literature.

As English teachers, literary text is one such tool ready in their hands to help students’ language acquisition and contribute cultural knowledge and understanding. Language lab software makes it convenient for the teachers to maintain reliable and genuine literary materials for different levels of learners. It acts as a medium to acquire language and stimulate learning through the several practice options. Learning by utilising digital tools greatly improves the literary imagination and students’ creativity along with their appreciation of literature. The listening, speaking and reading through headphone/microphones appeals to student emotions and to their thoughts which in turn pave the way for their language enhancement and growth.

Above all, the masterpieces in literature add to students’ knowledge of the world at large and it broadens their horizons by giving them knowledge of the classics of literature.

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