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Student-centered learning with Digital Language Lab

The latest technology advancements in language education focuses more on developing learners’ communicative competence and promoting learning strategies as well as learner autonomy in language classes. Digital language lab with its exclusive features is used by schools, colleges and universities worldwide to enhance the communicative ability of students along with their aptitude, personal and soft skills.

In a learner centred classroom, more responsibility will be placed upon students to manage their own learning, and teachers will act as facilitators of knowledge to help learners understand how to learn. Being in a learner-centric classroom, students should develop the qualities including a higher degree of motivation, self-confidence, awareness of learning needs and the role of language learners, enthusiasm in learning, curiosity and creativity in thinking holding democratic, open-minded, and critical attitudes. Positive approach and self-reliant thoughts are the attributes the learners essentially develop in a learner-centred classroom.

By using language lab, the learner gets inspiration and confidence together with awareness about learning needs and importance of language. Teachers play the role of a mediator in the learning process and students get opportunity to assess their strengths and areas of improvement through the practice sessions. Besides, students get more privacy in learning with language lab and thus they can get rid of inhibitions and embarrassment in English speaking. While learning language with increased motivation and self-reliance they understand that being involved in the learning process is crucial for successful learning.

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