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Learning Functional Categories with Zybro Language Laboratory

The functional categories of language according to Mary Finocchiaro (the author of English as a Second/Foreign Language) comes under five headings such as personal, interpersonal, directive, referential, and imaginative. Digital language lab is the latest technology adopted by teachers worldwide to develop language and communicative competence of students. For that, the system is integrated with a wide range of materials for using language in real-world situations.

A situation can affect differences of language in the use of dialects, formal and informal usage and the mode of expression. Zybro language lab is provides with materials that help students clarify and express their thoughts or feelings, and everyday moods and reactions including joy, pleasure, surprise, likes, disappointment etc. The interpersonal exchanges included in the software enables students to establish and maintain desirable relationships in the social and working scenarios. On the other hand, the referential contexts which demands talking or reporting of actions, events, or people and talking about language are incorporated in the software which helps students to identify things or people in the classroom, the school and the community, paraphrase, summarize, or translate and to ask for explanations of something to compare and contrast things etc. Imaginative category which comprises of topics involving creativity and artistic expression and directive section including accepting or refusing direction and much more is contained in the modules of Zybro.

Through intensive practice using the Zybro language lab, students will be able to communicative proficiently developing creative and convergent thinking and their interest in various literary forms.

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