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Language Lab: Be Fearless to Express Yourself

Language acquisition is an internalized process of grasping the rules and variations of the language. Correcting one’s language all the time with feedbacks happens naturally in the case of mother tongue where one get exposure to listen to others conversations. Children get instant feedback and can correct their mistakes in such situations. But it is really challenging for second language learners to get good exposure to speak and listen to that language. Language lab software is a great tool for learners to overcome their inhibitions while speaking in English.

Language laboratories help second language learners to conquer their fear and shyness and problems faced by them. Prioritizing the problems of the second language learners based on their importance, language lab software aids students to address it in a very streamlined and structured way. Using this tool provides endless opportunities for learners to listen to the native speakers of the target language, and understand systematic way to its sounds and pronunciation, thus helping them to internalise the rules of the language gradually. The instant feedback they get from the language lab gives awareness about the system of language to students. This leads children to constantly frame their utterances on the basis of the awareness.

Deliberate efforts made by children while learning language through the lab makes students competent in the target language by developing a command and control over the components of the language they try to attain. The enormous and continuous practice one gets through the language learning software facilitates children to begin the learning process and acquire it logically.

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