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Importance of Stories in English Language Learning

We know that learning English using language lab software is one of the best possible approaches available today. ‘But how?’ This is always a question before English teachers. Teachers can use so many methodologies and strategies using digital language lab to make English learning easy and trouble-free for students.

Assigning stories is one such best way to get the learners more involved in language learning and to make the learning more enjoyable and knowledgeable for children.

Stories offer students with particular contexts for speaking English. Assigning stories is extremely valuable for children who cannot experience immersive language learning atmosphere. Most of the teachers might have gone through such a situation where the students are struggling to speak in English. Experiencing a story/fairy-tale/legend in English class helps the children to imagine themselves in a world where the story happens and this will automatically facilitate them to speak in English. Children after listening to the story lines a few time will start assume the role of the story teller. Sometimes they may try to imagine what is going to happen next. A good story with simple questions enables the students to recollect the lines they heard and they will try to answer the questions and may start make predictions.

The speaking, listening and reading practice options in digital language lab is beneficial for teachers to enhance the communicative skill of learners through different literary forms such as poems, fictions and prose as well. Teachers can create new stories or add from complimentary materials to instruct English. Students can explore their emotions through stories and learn better ways to express it.

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