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Impact of Language Lab Software on Students

Advent of digital language lab has created great revolution in the language education. Researches have revealed that students are positive towards using language labs since its digital environment is interesting and motivating for students to enhance their language fluency. A well-equipped language lab with latest technology and trends is a must have for students to provide a comforting and exciting atmosphere.

Language labs offer added possibilities for communicative tasks such as tele-collaboration and assist the students to interact in real time with oral and written communication and to listen to meaningful materials for improving their linguistic skills. As students these days follow technology very closely and easily, using digital tools in classroom is a very interesting for them and it also has great influence on their life. Also the complimentary multimedia content added in the software enables teachers and students more involved in classroom. Students have positive attitudes towards technology enabled foreign Language learning and CALL-applications. It also enhances their confidence to a greater level and they easily grasp language without much effort.

Language laboratory is a very useful tool for practising and assessing students’ speech with the original version and testing the four language skills, and learning at their own pace even in the absence of teachers. At the same time, it increases students’ interest and motivation, reducing the fear and making them feel comfortable. The students feel good when they are given modern and useful task that can be done with digital tools. Language construction happens easily by using virtual language lab software. As students are fond of new trends, they love learning with advanced technologies and using it in the classroom.

The use of language labs not only helps to enhance the confidence of students, but also to get rid of their inhibitions while speaking in English.

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