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English as a Lingua Franca: Changing Language Practices with Language Laboratory

In the last few decades, the term ‘English as a lingua franca’ (ELF) has emerged as a way of referring to communication in English between speakers with different first languages. Hence, more schools have started to add English in their core curriculum to help the students well-versed in English language and communication skills. Realising the impracticability of developing language fluency of all the students in a classroom, Zybro team passionate in education has developed language learning software to meet the requirements of teachers. English language teaching has undergone drastic changes and the emergence of technology in education field paved way for technology-aided language learning.

Digital language lab is the latest trend followed by education institutions to instruct English, which is considered as a lingua franca. Language lab software is implemented in schools and colleges worldwide to teach English and help students become great communicators. Using this solution will prompt students to spend more time in the lab. It gives participants ample time for repeated practice and to learn at their own pace. Language can be learned in its natural order- LSRW and students can achieve proficiency like they gained fluency in their mother tongue. This reduces their fear of speaking in public and gives them the extra boost in confidence and a sense of control in their individual learning environment.

Schools and higher education institutions install digital language lab to enhance the language proficiency of students and to reduce the workload of teachers. The interesting feature of the software is the authentic online resources added for extensive language learning of students. Hence, the students need not over depend teachers for instructional materials to build up their skill.

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