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Digital Language Labs Vs Old-school Way of Language Learning

It is a bitter truth that globalization is greatly changing the way the world works. Language is an inevitable part of globalization and Linguistic Competence play a major role in our lives these days like never before. We by now are familiar with the terms like ICT (information and communication technology) and CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning). Inculcating these technologies in daily syllabi makes a huge, positive difference in a student’s as well as a teacher’s lives. It lets a teacher perform experiments using the modern technologies and equipments – both on themselves and on students. Teachers also can observe what and what not methods work on students. The traditional teaching methods do not give that much results in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills like Language Labs do. In a recent survey it has been shown that language labs are used quite often increasingly. Students prefer Language Lab classes to traditional theory classes where their participation hardly exists. The reason might be the new taste they get in the language labs in comparison with the traditional classroom learning in schools and colleges. Having so much to offer from its interfaces, digital language labs require so much less class hours from a student’s weekly timetable to grasp the syllabus part by part whereas the normal classes take a long while to complete the syllabus with the continuous and tedious effort made by the teacher to manage the students and educate them simultaneously. When language labs take over the classrooms by a storm these days, students are likely to find the technology and equipments more enthusiastic than the long lasting and lethargic school hours by the same teacher on a daily basis. In addition the work load of teachers is reduced by half.

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