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Digital Language Lab: Your New Communication Trainer

A native speaker learns his/her mother tongue by listening to the people surrounding them and trying to articulate sound they hear. Language lab is based on this same concept. The LSRW teaching methodology incorporated in language lab helps learners to acquire language in its order similar to the way one acquires his/her native language.

Zybro language laboratory is a multimedia aided installation used as a tool in modern language teaching. Using language lab is a scientifically proven methodology to enhance the ability of students in second/foreign languages. This teacher control system connected to a number of student consoles, containing a student system and headset with a microphone enables learner-centered language education with the help of text/audio/video resources. Zybro with its advanced features has revolutionized the way one learns new languages. The quality material added in the software enhances the teaching-learning experience and empowers students with better communication skill.

It not only prepares them to speak the desired language in the day to day situations of life, but also makes them competent for the job market globally. Regular practising with language lab helps students to lose their inhibitions while speaking in a foreign language. The language lab tool is a very much useful for teachers also. Skill development centres nowadays use language lab system to provide training to teachers in English or other foreign language to sharpen their language skills and enhance the command over communication in government schools.

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