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Digital Language Lab Improves Intonation of English Learners

Intonation plays an important role in speaking, whatever language it is. If you speak in a low flat voice as a marketing executive, would it attract your customers? Surely no…

On the other hand if you speak with great energy and highly inspiring tone, it will definitely be a warm welcome for your clients. Probably the person’s intonation has made you interested in his/her product. But, what is this intonation actually? What is its role in English speaking? Intonation is an important aspect of pronunciation and it is common to all languages. Intonation is all about how we say something rather than what we say. In simple terms, intonation can be described as the variation in the tone or pitch of your talk. It can be call as the ‘music of speech’. A change in this pitch can affect what you say.

Digital language labs provide unlimited options to improve your intonation along with various other features of pronunciation including stress, accent, etc. Through intensive practising with Zybro lab, you will be able to understand a speaker’s attitude and to speak in a tone that best suits the meaning and context. You can also understand where to use sentences with the rising and falling tone.

Zybro digital lab offers you the best way to advance your intonation simply by listening carefully to audio of words/conversations and to speak and record the same content after it. By comparing your recorded speech with the original version, you can understand whether it sounds natural and conveys your attitude correctly. Practising will help you notice how native speakers use intonation to express different attitudes.

The multimedia contents provided along with Zybro multimedia language laboratory is authentic and good enough to get interesting materials to improve your intonation. And if you want to become more confident about your tone in English, then it is definitely worth spending time for practising, imitating and listening to a recording of your own voice.

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