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Adapt Study Materials with Digital Language Lab

Creating suitable materials according to the age group and ability of students might be a difficult task for teachers. Most often teachers depend on internet and other resources to find appropriate study materials that befit students’ learning capacity and age. While considering the young learners, we can understand that their linguistic skill is far beyond the typical text books designed for their age. Hence, adaptation is necessary to give apt materials for training young learners.

Zybro digital language lab is a unique solution to solve this issue. This unique language learning tool is specifically designed in such a way to give successful training to learners according to their age and language acquisition ability. The exciting thing about Zybro is that the tasks and learning activities included in the software give a realistic experience for students. Teachers can give a lot of exercises on a topic until the students get proficient in applying that particular knowledge in their life and practice.

Task oriented learner centered teaching strategy adopted in Zybro language lab helps the students to take the learning opportunities more personal and to learn from their experiences. Besides, the Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing activities added in the software is highly adapting to make the students learn at better pace.

While younger students are provided with fun oriented activities, there are specifically designed lessons in Zybro to meet the language needs of teenagers and adult learners. By learning from real-life situations and activities, most students tend to respond positively. Adult students will quickly learn language if they get more active lessons and themes that can be used in practical situations. Personalised tasks and learning topics incorporated in Zybro are highly relevant to teach students of any age group.

Above all, take time to communicate with your students so that you can understand their free time activities and interesting topics. By doing this the teacher will be able to create motivating study materials based on the themes they are interested in.

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