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Achieve your Communication Goals with Zybro Language Lab

Before opting for a digital language lab solution, one should think about the importance and role of this modern day solution in the current education scenario. It is worthy to consider the benefits and goals you achieve using digital learning system instead of traditional black-board and chalk setting and the differences it can make in the passive learners

Zybro language lab characterizes an entirely new era of language education as it is a scientifically evolved and technology-aided tool specifically designed for foreign language training across the world. As an acoustic language lab, it makes use of the high tech audio visual aid to impart quality language education. Training the language aspirants at Zybro enables instructors to provide technology enabled communication education and skill training in a very professional way.

While using Zybro, learners get the opportunity to utilize audio- visual materials which enhances the learning as an experience. They can practise the content repeatedly and discuss with the teacher if needed. The activity based training ensures that the learners get time to practically imbibe the contents imparted. As the students get great exposure to enhance their verbal skill, they can get rid of public speaking fear and mother tongue influence that hinders the acquisition of target language. Each performance can be self assessed and evaluated by the trainer to get suggestions for the corrective action. The graphical analysis shown after the repeat and comparison feature reduces the MTI helps them neutralize the accent.

Zybro makes use of advanced technological tools to facilitate the learners with great exposure to the native speakers with the audio- visual aids. The courses at Zybro are an embodiment of a rare composition of technology and the latest methodologies coming together to educate the learners like never before.

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